Happily Ever After Wedding Pencils

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  • Great for wedding guest books, advice cards, games, gifts, and favors.
  • Hand out at wedding showers for guests to use with party games or advice cards.
  • Pre-sharpened for immediate use and complete with latex-free eraser to easily correct mistakes.
  • Set of 10 hexagon-shaped high-quality wood golf pencils with No. 2 graphite core.
  • Made in the USA. Comes in re-sealable outer plastic bag.

Add a little extra sparkle to your wedding event with Citrusity’s Happily Ever After wedding pencils. Each package comes with a set of 10 hexagon-shaped high-quality wood pencils with No. 2 graphite cores in elegant packaging complete with gold foil and a re-sealable outer bag. Designed with ease in mind, you can place one unopened package per table at a wedding and have enough for each seated guest at that table. All pencils are pre-sharpened for immediate use and come with a latex-free eraser. Great for wedding showers, these pencils are ready to go out of the package and are perfect for party games since they are pre-sharpened with erasers. The white and gold design means that it immediately matches any color scheme. Currently for sale in a 2-pack, each order comes with two sets of 10 pre-packaged pencils for 20 pencils total. Each 2-pack is wrapped in its own re-sealable bag so the internal bags aren’t dirtied during shipping. Inside this outer bag are the individually-wrapped sets of 10 pencils. 3.88” long x .23” wide (98 mm x 6mm). White barrels, with white erasers, gold foil lettering, and gold ferrules.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 4 × .8 in

White and Gold


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